Visitor parking update at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

PATIENTS and visitors to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital are now able to pay for their parking by card thanks to the introduction of new pay machines.

Friday 26 May 2017

A new payment system is now in operation in both patient/visitor car parks, with smart barriers that record car registration numbers on entry. New payment machines have also been installed and a new scale of charges introduced, with the addition of a free period of up to 30 minutes for drivers dropping patients off for appointments.

It is expected that the new smart barrier system will speed up entry to the car parks, as drivers will no longer need to stop for a ticket. The new payment machines will accept card payments, meaning drivers no longer need cash to pay for their parking, as well as new £5 notes and £1 coins.

Free parking is available for the following patients and visitors at all three of our hospitals:

  • Patients attending for chemotherapy.
  • Patients/visitors attending every day after one week of attendance.
  • Outpatients who have been attending for more than two weeks and continue to attend at least twice a week with the same illness or condition.
  • Visitors to patients being cared for in the Intensive Care Unit or the neonatal unit.
  • Visitors to inpatients whose stay in hospital has been more than one week, providing they are visiting every day.
  • Visitors to inpatients whose stay in hospital has been more than two weeks, providing they are visiting at least twice per week.
  • Carers staying overnight with children who are inpatients.
  • Relatives or carers of patients who are receiving end of life care.


If you think you are eligible for free parking, please inform the nurse in charge of the patient’s care.

The new parking tariff means that charges are the same across all three of our sites. There is no charge for visits of 30 minutes or less, while after consultation with patients and visitors, we have spread out charges to ensure that rates reflect length of stay.

Duration of Stay

Parking charge

Up to 30 minutes


30 minutes – 1 hour


1-2 hours


2-4 hours


4-6 hours


6-8 hours


8-24 hours


24 hours+

£10.00 per 24-hour period