Royal Hampshire County Hospital Child Health Services

Northbrook Ward

Acting as the focus for our sevices for children, Northbrook Ward is situated at Royal Hampshire County Hospital on Level C, Nightingale Wing. The main corridor opposite the emergency department.

The department consists of 3 main areas:

An outpatients (clinic) area (telephone 01962 824982)

Sophie's place - an assessment/short stay area

An in-patient area for all children's admissions (telephone 01962 824986/7).

 The ward consists of:

  • a treatment room,
  • a playroom,
  • 7 cubicles
  • 2 bays.

We aim to ensure that children are in hospital for as short a time as possible and if they are with us for longer, that we support their educational and health needs.

Whilst they are in our care they should receive high quality, consultant led care, with children and families feeling that they are well informed and working with us as part of a team.

An addition to Northbrook, some of our surgical day-case lists are run in the Treatment Centre in Burrell Wing, whilst the Neonatal unit is with maternity services in Florence Portal House, behind the main hospital

Paediatric Surgery

Children are operated on by a variety of surgeons, which for ease we can divide into 3 groups:

  1. General surgeons - Surgeons who operate on children and adults, for a variety of 'general' reasons.
  2. Other subspecialist surgeons - These are surgeons who operate on children and adults, but include;
  • Orthopaedic surgeons (operate on bones and joints)
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons
  • Dental surgeons
  • Ophthalmic (eye) surgeons

    3.  Specialist paediatric surgeons


Paediatric general surgery at Winchester

A consultant surgeon with training in paediatric general surgery and many years experience provides outpatient and inpatient assessment and treatment for most common elective general surgical paediatric surgery including:

  • Circumcision
  • Infantile and child hernias
  • Undescended testicles
  • Hydrocoeles

Patients are seen in a dedicated children’s clinic held once a month in main outpatients. The waiting list is short and most patients are offered a date for surgery at their outpatient appointment.

We have a pre-admission clinic, when parents and children come to the ward the day before. They are shown round and told what will happen on the day of admission.

Surgery is performed on alternate Tuesday mornings in the Treatment Centre and serviced by an experienced paediatric anaesthetist. Most patients are admitted at 8am on the morning of surgery.

After the operation, fluids, and  a light diet are given. If the child is well enough and has passed urine they can be discharged within 3-4 hours post operation.

Our techniques involve suture-less small scars and a waterproof invisible ‘paint-on’ dressing which should not require any further attention.

There is paediatric community follow up on children who have general surgery who are under the age of 5 years old, other children if needed will be seen by the community nurse from their own GP surgery.

Parents are informed about pain relief which is given in theatre and when their child can have further amounts of analgesic.

The majority of children seen as emergencies where an operation is necessary can be dealt with in Winchester by our on-call surgical and anaesthetic team. This is not always the case, and many younger children, and all babies in the first few months of life who need to see a surgeon are referred on to our colleagues in Southampton

Other surgery in Winchester

Like general surgery, we have round-the-clock cover for orthopaedic emergencies, as well as a doctor on-call for ENT and eye emergencies.

We also have elective lists for ENT, eye, orthopaedic and dental operations, based on Northbrook Ward or the treatment centre. The details are much the same as for the general surgical lists, but please check details before you attend the ward.

Specialist paediatric surgery

The Specialist Paediatric Surgical department is located in Southampton. All newborn surgery, as well as surgery in younger children, or those with more complex problems, are undertaken there. Mr Burge and Mr Wheeler both do visiting clinics on Northbrook with Dr Schapira and Dr Foote respectively.

Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Unit is in Florence Portal House, and provides a service to the labour ward, post natal ward (Geoffrey Hammond Ward) and Hampshire Hospitals birth centre. We have 12 cots which include two intensive care, two high dependency, and eight special care cots.

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Last updated 27 February 2018

Contact Info

  • Northbrook Ward
    01962 824986/7
  • Northbrook Outpatients
    01962 824982
  • Neonatal Unit
    01962 824200

  • Community Children's Nurses
    01962 824283
  • Paediatric Therapies
    01256 313694

  • Paediatric Outpatients
    01962 824131

  • Paediatric Dietetics
    01962 824731
  • Dr Foote, Dr Kidman, Dr Yallop, Dr Rodd and Dr Struthers
    01962 825334

  • Dr Ferris and Dr Williams, Dr Morenas and Dr Wyles
    01962 824995

  • Dr Haywood, Dr Priesman, Dr Whitlingum, Dr Parmar, Ms Mclymont and Ms Myllari
    01962 825183


Useful information

Children's Services Department

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