Stroke Services

The stroke service at Hampshire Hospitals consists of

The Twyford HASU consists of 24 beds and provides hyper acute, acute and rehabilitation treatment for all patients who have suffered a stroke within the Basingstoke and Winchester area.


Twyford HASU is located on Brinton Wing, Royal Hampshire County Hospital

The team

We have a team of four stroke consultants who rotate across both sites

We also have a Clinical Stroke Nurse Practitioner.

Twyford Ward comprises a full nursing team who work closely with a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists to provide stroke care.



Suspect a stroke? Act FAST

Stroke is a medical emergency.

It is very important that when a stroke happens the person gets to hospital as soon as possible. This is partly because there are now treatments that we may be able to give but we only have a small window of opportunity to do this.

You may have seen the adverts on the television describing how to recognise the symptoms of a stroke. It is known as the FAST assessment tool

F – Facial weakness – Ask the person to smile. Does their face or mouth look like it has dropped?

A – Arm weakness – Can the person raise both arms? Does it look like one arm is weaker than the other

S – Speech problems – Can the person speak? Does their speech sound slurred or is it incomprehensible

T – Time to call 999

If a person shows any of the symptoms above, dial 999.






updated 14 March 2017