Vascular services

Our service provides diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the arteries and veins (circulatory disorders, excluding heart disease). We look after patients with poor circulation (blood flow) to the legs and arms, aortic aneurysms, strokes, leg ulcers, and vascular complications of diabetes and varicose veins. We also treat the circulatory complications of other rarer conditions. We offer a 24 hour emergency service in collaboration with both Southampton General hospital and the North Hampshire and Surrey Vascular Network.

What we do

We diagnose and treat most circulatory disorders. Commonly these conditions cause walking difficulties, threaten the viability of the limbs, cause blood vessels to weaken and rupture or cause strokes.

We run a comprehensive outpatient assessment service for all forms of arterial and venous disease. We see ulcers of all kinds and offer outpatient assessment involving one-stop access to dermatology, arterial and venous opinions.  Together with our diabetic doctors we treat people with diabetes who have ulcers, infection or impaired circulation of their feet.

We investigate the circulation with ultrasound, CT, MRI and catheter angiography and give advice on life style, blood pressure and cholesterol. We run screening and surveillance clinics to detect and monitor patients with aortic aneurysms.   Minimally invasive treatments including angioplasty, stents and stent-grafts (interventional radiology) are used where possible and we also undertake bypass (blood vessel replacement) surgery where necessary. We provide a 24hr emergency service in conjunction with Southampton General hospital and the North Hampshire and Surrey Vascular Network.  

Where we do it

Clinics, investigations, most keyhole (minimally invasive) treatments and minor/intermediate level surgery are undertaken within the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust hospitals.

The small number of patients requiring major surgery or aortic stents are treated by  Mr Wilson at Southampton General Hospital. We offer a 24 hour emergency service in collaboration with Southampton General Hospital and the North Hampshire and Surrey Vascular Network.

What's special about us?

We offer a modern and up-to-date local service which is easily accessible to patients.

Our association with other adjacent major vascular units enables us to treat high risk vascular patients in the environment of a major vascular centre. We believe we offer our patients the ‘best of both worlds’, combining the personal touch of a local district general hospital with the specialised expertise of a major vascular centre.

Contact Information

Vascular Surgery



Patrick Chong MBBS FRCS

Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Secretary: Laura Dobson

Tel: 01256 313569

Stephen Tristram MB ChB RCOG D.Obst

Associate Specialist
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Secretary: Liz Patterson

Tel:     01256 314727

Nicholas Wilson BSc MS FRCS FRCSgen

Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Secretary: Jane Kerkhoff
Email: GeneralSurgeryAdminRHCH@hhft.nhs.ukk

Tel: 01962 825358













 Interventional Radiology


Gaurang Ubhayakar BM MRCP FRCR

Shaheen Dixon BSc MBBS FRCR

Consultant Interventional Radiologists
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Secretary: Debbie Lewis

Tel.:    01256 313476

Andrew Page Bsc (Hons) MBBS FRCR

Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Secretary: Sheila Hall

Tel.:      01962 825003








updated 5 June 2018

Southern Hampshire Vascular Services

Southern Hampshire Vascular Services consultation

Our vascular service is networked with University Hospital Southampton in the south and Frimley Health in the north.

We provide outpatient clinics and undertake minor surgery, while our partners undertake more major or complex vascular surgery.

This is an established model that has been operating effectively for some years and will continue to do so. It will be unaffected by proposed changes to services provided by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.