Fracture Clinic

The fracture clinic is based on B level, next to the emergency department (ED) . We provide clinics for nine orthopaedic consultants and their specialist registrars, two associate specialists, and two GPs. All our consultants specialise in a specific area. Trained nursing staff and health care asistants (HCAs) assist in all clinics.

The fracture clinic has a dual role and is an extremely busy environment. We hold a trauma clinic six days a week, Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm, Saturdays only 9am to 12.30pm and Bank Holidays 9am to 1pm. These clinics are covered by an orthopaedic consultant and specialist registrar. Patients are booked onto these clinics via the ED from the previous day. Patients that attend the clinics will have obtained various injuries, traumatic wounds and fractures. These injuries may have occurred locally or been sustained out of area while on holiday.  Staff working in these clinics have developed their knowledge and skills in fitting off-the-shelf orthotic appliances, ranging from Air Cast boots and Donjoy braces to the various hand splints and slings.

Our plaster room is a shared facility with the ED and we have four qualified plaster technicians. The staff provide plaster cast and splinting for outpatients and ward patients as requested by the orthopaedic consultants and ED. Part of the technician’s role involves patient education of living in a cast. We provide a patient contact number so that they can discuss any problems or concerns.  This area is constantly developing as new technology and treatment changes.

Our staff nurses work in the treatment room. On Mondays we provide pre-booked slots for post-operative wound checks, thus freeing up clinic space. This clinic runs alongside our routine work which involves dressing changes for traumatic hand injuries especially in the summer with gardening injuries. These patients will require repeated dressing changes over many weeks. Other procedures carried out include removal of sutures, assisting doctors with intra-articular injections to joints, hips, fingers and shoulders, removal of wires and ex-fix, joint aspirations and ganglions.




Last updated 17 January 2018

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