Freshfield ward

Located on D Level, Nightingale Wing

Freshfield Ward is a 26 bed unit specialising in care of the Older Person. We aim to provide an atmosphere that promotes mutual respect and active involvement on the part of staff, patients, families and carers involved with this service. Patients using this service can be acutely ill with various medical conditions which can range from infections, disease progression, reduced mobility, falls and dementia. We also provide palliative care for people at the end of life focussing on the 5 priorities of care

Freshfield Ward benefits from a multidisciplinary team of experienced Doctors, Nurses Physiotherapists, and Occupational therapists with involvement from Social workers, Speech and language therapists, Diabetic team, Dieticians, Mental health specialists and the Dementia team. We are supported by 2 Ward clerks, a Housekeeper, Activities coordinator, Domestic staff, and volunteers who visit to assist with meals and talking therapies.

Planning for discharge post medical treatment is a big part of our role as many of the patients accessing our service have complex needs. Discharge may be to the patient’s own home sometimes with a package of care, to Residential or Nursing homes or to one of the Trusts rehabilitation facilities: Kingfisher ward at Andover war Memorial Hospital, Clifton ward at Royal Hampshire County Hospital Winchester or to a community rehabilitation facility that we are able to access.

We welcome and value the input of family and friends whilst planning and delivering care also during the discharge process. We aim to provide encouragement, professional advice and support and we recognise that our success depends on close co-operation and good communication of all involved. The ward staff including Doctors will always contact the patient’s nominated next of kin if there are any major concerns.   You are welcome to discuss your relative’s progress with the trained nurse looking after the patient, though we would request that there is a nominated spokesperson for the patient. Communication and confidentially can breakdown if multiple people are requesting information. Appointments can be arranged to speak with the Doctors if required.

Please provide the following to help with the care of your loved ones

  • Nightwear, comfortable loose fitting clothes, and supportive footwear. We would encourage patients to dress daily in day wear when they are well enough and to change into nightwear when planning to go to bed. We are unable to wash patient’s clothes,  so personal laundry will be put in bags in the patient’s bedside cupboard for relatives.
  • Toiletries – all the essentials including soap or body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush and deodorant. Anything that would normally be used at home, please bring into hospital – this includes any denture care tablets/creams, shaving kit.

Glasses/ hearing aids staff can provide labels for these items.


May we remind you that valuable items and large amounts of money are best left at home as we have no facility for safely storing them and are unable to take responsibility for these items.

We encourage families to assist with menu choices and assist patients with their meals if they wish to do so. We operate a red tray system which is a way of identifying patients who need help at mealtimes or who are at risk of malnutrition. Please be aware that although snacks and drinks are welcomed, some patients will have different dietary needs or may have an altered swallow. This may result in the need for modified consistency diet and fluids for a period of time. Please discuss with the nurse caring for the person that you are visiting if what you bring is suitable and safe.

Visiting times

3pm to 8pm

All inpatient wards at Hampshire Hospitals have adopted John’s Campaign, which allows the carers of patients with dementia to stay in hospital with their loved ones if they wish.

We would prefer to have only 2 visitors per bed and for prevention of infection we ask that you do not bring in fresh flowers or sit on patients’ beds.







updated 7 September 2018

Contact information

Clinical Matron
Mark Badham           

Ward Sister
Ana Cabida                                 

Ward Telephone Number
01962 825098

Meal Times

Breakfast 08.15-09.15

Lunch 12.00-13.00

Dinner 18.00-1930

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