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Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing excellence in patient care, education and research. We have a wide portfolio of research studies, in many specialities, open to patient participation.

What is research?

Research in the NHS attempts to improve your treatments from sound evidence gained from well designed and ethically approved studies. All treatments have, at some time, been the subject of research and every year thousands of people agree to become participants in research studies, contributing to these advances in healthcare.

How is the quality of research ensured?

We all have a right to expect high standards, to have confidence in, and benefit from quality research. The Department of Health have set up guidelines to make sure that all research is run to the highest standards and this is called ‘Research Governance’. In the Foundation Trust the Research Department is responsible for ensuring that we meet these standards when conducting research. Before any research study can start it must have various approvals in place including review by an independent research ethics committee. The Research Department have to ensure that all permissions have been granted before the study opens at this site, and that it is appropriate to conduct the research within our Trust.

For more information visit the National Institute for Health Research website.

Participating in research studies

It is possible that you may be asked to take part in a research study. There are many varied types of research involvement; you may only be asked to complete a questionnaire, or to have blood tests, or to take medication. Whatever your level of involvement, your participation is always voluntary and you are able to withdraw from a research study at any time, without giving a reason, and without it affecting your normal treatment.

For more information and for independent advice about being involved in a research study you can contact the Customer Care service on 01256 486766 or at

Wessex healthlines, is a patient facing website designed to let people know about studies in the Wessex region.

Research Department - what we do and how to contact us

As well as ensuring research governance, the team promote, facilitate and assist in the development of research activity within the trust. We also access and prioritise funding, support researchers and providing training where necessary.

You can contact us on 01256 312783 or at

For more information.

If you’re a patient or a member of the public and would like to know more about getting involved and participating in research locally, please visit the UK Clinical Trials Gateway website to see if there’s a study in your area.

To find out more about research, visit

To explore opportunities for public involvement in research, visit




updated 1 August 2018

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