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If you love nursing but fancy a change, we can help you experience a variety of nursing roles.

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To provide outstanding care we know we need to provide our staff with training and development opportunities.

Qualified staff nurses at our hospitals can build their own rotation placement packages at any time in their career, so that they can get the best opportunities to suit their career.

We offer a 12 to 18 month nurse rotation programme so you can get the opportunity to experience different nursing specialties, teams and environments. This can help you get a greater understanding of the nurse you are and the future you want. At the end of your rotation, we’ll give you a guaranteed job in your chosen area, as well as further development opportunities.

You can build your own rotation so that you can experience working in the roles that interest you most. You might decide to work in theatres for six months and elderly care for six months, or you might like to try community nursing for a while and then experience working in the Acute Assessment Unit. The options are limitless and the choices are yours.

"We offer rotation placements to all our nurses, not just our   newly qualified staff. And our staff build their own so they are custom made to suit each individual nurse. All we ask is that you complete your rotation placements before settling   in the department in which you want to continue your career. Rotations are a fantastic way of continuing your own personal development."

 Donna Green, Chief Nurse

text 80800Text TEAM to 80800 to discuss working with us, or if you are a member of staff interested in a rotation package, please speak to your line manager or clinical matron or any of our chief nursing team who can help you build the rotation package that you want.


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I got so much experience and learnt a lot about myself.  I now know the sort of nurse I want to be.