HHFT (Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) is fully migrating all nhs.net e-mail addresses to HHFT’s local, secure e-mail domain. This means all HHFT nhs.net accounts will be converted to an equivalent @hhft.nhs.uk account between now and the end of March 2023. Nhs.net email addresses will no longer be in use.

Please look out for more information over the coming weeks/months. There will be a process of transition whereby each nhs.net e-mail address will be monitored up until it is closed. This process will apply to both individual user nhs.net e-mail accounts, as well as service-level (shared/generic) nhs.net e-mail accounts.


HHFT are committed to ensuring the process of migration is completed safely and effectively. Any questions in relation to the HHFT nhs.net Switch Off Project, please contact N365@hhft.nhs.uk