John Bird

john-bird.gifJohn is a retired Deputy Head teacher who worked in state schools for forty years, teaching various subjects including history, economics, politics, psychology and law. He and his wife Marian, who passed away at the end of 2016, have lived in Alton since 1987 and had three sons and three grand-children.

John is a passionate supporter of the NHS and has been a member of the stakeholder reference group for the North Hampshire CCG. He believes that key aspects of the NHS, such as A and E, need to be fully funded to meet all reasonable needs,  ideally by a specific  tax payable by all or most of the population.

John's other interests include supporting his local church and volunteering as a Community care driver. He owns and manages a specialist online  photograph archive which supplies images for books and magazines.

Beauman Chong

Beauman-Chong_w.gifBeauman is a retired IT company director. He came to the UK from Hong Kong over 50 years ago. He is passionate about the NHS and has been a volunteer at the County Hospital for over 5 years, doing one job for the chaplaincy team and another for the audiology department.

He believes that most of us can contribute and make small improvements for our hospitals. He encourages everyone in the Health Service to spend carefully and always ask – what would I do if this was my money before signing any contracts with any NHS suppliers.   He was described as an ‘NHS Hero’ by the Guardian Newspaper in 2009 for his work at the Portsmouth Hospital. 

Beauman is married with two children.  He is a Churchwarden of his local church in Winchester, a Trustee for the Church Mission Society and the Winchester Basics Bank.  

Brian Collin

brian-collin.jpgBrian Collin lives in Winchester and is retired after working as a business analyst with a background in IT, working in the public and private sectors. In 2014 he was elected as a public governor representing Mid and East Hampshire.

Brian has served as a county councillor and city councillor in Winchester, where he led the Health for All initiative for over 15 years.

Ann Jones

ann_jones.gifAnn has lived in Kings Worthy near Winchester for 16 years. She worked in the NHS for 42 years, as a registered nurse, business manager and counsellor. She has been a Winchester City councillor and director of a care company.

Ann was elected in January 2012. She is interested in politics and is trained in bereavement counselling and has a particular interest in support locally for the elderly and vulnerable. She would like to provide a voice for those who feel unheard.

Ann is a member of the local church, and supports and helps with the local children's group in between terms.

Jennifer Ramsay

jenny-ramsey.jpgJennifer lives in Alton and was elected as a governor in 2013. She has worked for the NHS as a nursing auxiliary in rehabilitation, later working in the independent sector as an activity co-ordinator for people with age related impairment.

Jennifer’s interests include swimming, art, theatre and reading.