2021 0218 ODW2020 KA Facebook 1200x630px.jpgThis week, HHFT is marking Organ Donation Week, which runs from 7 to 13 September.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are urging staff members and the Hampshire community to talk to their families about organ donation to increase the number of people whose lives can be saved or transformed by an organ transplant. 

The law around organ donation in England changed on May 2020. All adults are now considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die, unless they record a decision not to donate, are in one of the excluded groups or have told their family that they don’t want to donate.

George Brann, specialist nurse for organ donation at HHFT, said: “Organ and tissue donation is a life changing medical intervention, that can potentially save nine people, and transform the life of countless others. It is very important that your views on organ donation are discussed with your loved ones or placed on the organ donation register.

“As organ donation specialist nurses, we rely on the family to carry out those wishes at what is often a very difficult and distressing time. If these conversations have been had in advance, at can be easier for them.”

Our trust is encouraging people to talk to their families about their donation wishes and make sure their loved ones are aware as families will continue to be approached before organ donation goes ahead. Last year, 79 people in Hampshire had their lives saved by a transplant. HHFT had nine multi organ donors, up from five the previous two financial years.

These conversations are especially important for local residents from BAME backgrounds. Around 30% of the transplant list are people of a BAME background. However, they often wait longer as the best match will often come from someone of the same ethnicity and only around 8% of organs were donated from black, Asian, and minority ethnicities.

Not everyone can be a donor – only 1% of hospital admissions can be considered as a donor.

Find out more and register your decision by visiting NHS Organ Donor Register at www.organdonation.nhs.uk and share your decision with your family.