Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) has published its strategic plan, which will guide priorities and decisions across the trust over the next seven years. 

The strategy will help HHFT achieve its vision to provide outstanding care for every patient and is guided by its inclusive CARE values – compassionate and caring, accountable and responsible, respectful, and encouraging.  

The full document is available to read here.

Alex Whitfield, chief executive at HHFT, said: "This plan will benefit both our population and staff as well as preparing the trust as a whole for the future. Not only am I confident this will help us deliver the best possible care, but it has also given us the opportunity to take stock, reflect on our journey so far, and look ahead to what we want to achieve together. 

"The context that we work within is ever changing and, as such, so must we. Just as an aging population brings with it new challenges, ground breaking research and digital advances generates new opportunities. 

“Our strategy must take advantage of these innovations as well as preparing and planning for the future – we are excited to see what the next seven years will bring.” 

All the trust’s values are encompassed by a culture of inclusivity, and they support the following five strategic themes: 

  1. Providing outstanding care for every patient through streamlined and integrated services, a culture of safety improvement, consistent high standards of care, sustainability, and timeliness of services 
  2. Making HHFT a great place to work for its people through an inclusive culture, which values and celebrates diversity and delivers compassionate care with patients, staff, carers, visitors, the community, and volunteers at the heart of everything
  3. Working together as an integrated system for the local population to coordinate, plan and deliver services that will improve the health and wellbeing of everyone while reducing inequalities between different groups 
  4. Making the best use of our resources to increase clinical and non-clinical productivity and procuring goods in an ethical and sustainable manner, supporting local providers where possible 
  5. Innovating to strengthen acute collaborations and networks and improve access, outcomes, and clinical sustainability. Empowering patients and staff through digital solutions and joined up care and supporting the NHS carbon net zero targets. Strengthening a research and improvement culture so everyone benefits from clinical trials and access to innovative services, diagnostics, and treatments 

Prior to publishing the strategy, HHFT asked the population of Mid and North Hampshire – including patients, community groups, partners, and staff – for feedback to help shape the final strategy document. Throughout the month of February, over 500 pieces of feedback were submitted, with 6,600 interactions with trust strategy content and nearly 23,000 users reached across social media platforms.