Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) has received a national award in recognition of its dedication to treating and caring for patients with incurable blood cancers.

The Myeloma UK Clinical Service Excellence Programme (CSEP) Award, awarded by Myeloma UK, has been presented to the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital’s haematology team, celebrating the outstanding commitment and care given to patients with the incurable blood cancer, myeloma.

The charity, which supports hospitals in delivering outstanding, patient-focused myeloma treatment and care, recognises and shares excellence in myeloma care in order to best meet the needs of patients.

Developed by Myeloma UK in consultation with patients, family members and healthcare professionals, the charity’s CSEP programme best practice standards comprise of eight key themes, covering all aspects of myeloma care. To be accredited with the CSEP award, Hampshire Hospitals was required to be compliant in all eight themes, excellent in at least six areas and achieve an overall rating of excellent.

As part of this recognition, HHFT was praised by Myeloma UK for its commitment to improving patients’ quality of life, sparing them from undue stress and anxiety and taking additional steps to reduce pharmacy waiting times.

Dr Noel Ryman, Consultant Haematologist at Hampshire Hospitals, said: “We are very honoured to receive the Myeloma UK CSEP award. We have strived to continuously develop the myeloma service which has involved the hard work of a large and diverse team across many specialties and are proud that the team has been recognised for providing high-quality care. I hope that the award will help encourage us to continue to improve in the future.”

Jess Turner, Clinical Practice Services Senior Projects Officer at Myeloma UK, said: “Myeloma is a complex cancer which can be challenging to manage so we were extremely impressed by the team’s willingness and ability to adapt and offer bespoke care.

“For example, the department recruited a dedicated myeloma physiotherapist who creates personalised exercises to help prevent further complications, improve fitness and promote mobility. To alleviate patients’ anxiety and reduce pharmacy waiting times, the team also ‘pre-prescribes’ drugs, which means that medications are ready to be picked up after patients’ clinic appointments.”