A family has raised money to renovate a room within the maternity department at Andover War Memorial Hospital, in memory of their son. 


Gemma and Lee Newby were being cared for by the maternity team at Andover hospital when their son Ethan was sadly stillborn.   IMG_5779.JPG


Gemma Newby said: “After we got the news about our son, we were shown into a private room so they could make arrangements and we had space to be together after hearing the words you never want to hear. 


“The room itself was just a plain room, but it’s a room that will always stick with us. So, when we had our son’s service, we decided to raise money to redecorate the room for other families, instead of asking for flowers.”  


The family raised over £3,000, which has allowed for a full makeover of the quiet room in Andover. The incredible efforts of Gemma and Lee, and the generous support of others has meant that the money can also be used to renovate other rooms for families at both Basingstoke and Winchester hospitals. 


Julie Dawes, chief nurse at Hampshire Hospitals said: “We often support people through the most difficult times in their lives and having a space like the quiet room helps us to do that. We are so grateful to Gemma and Lee, who have done something remarkable to make a difference to other families going through similar experiences.”  


Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust delivers one hospital service across multiple locations including its own hospitals, Andover War Memorial Hospital, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.