Specialty Emergency medicine
Location F Floor, F4, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Clinical Matron Katie Hill 
Visiting hours Midday - 7pm
Additional information Please note only one visitor per patient at any one time for a maximum of one hour. No children under 12 years old unless with express permission from the Nurse in Charge / Matron. 

The AAU assesses and initiates treatment for patients with medical conditions who have been referred via their GP. All medical patients from the Emergency Department are transferred to the unit to see a consultant for a safer more detailed care plan.

The unit has a team of highly motivated and skilled staff who work closely with other multidisciplinary teams to ensure that all appropriate assessments, investigations, and treatments are carried out to the highest standards, with the aim of streamlining care processes.

Patients are triaged and prioritised according to their condition and have an initial assessment by a triage trained nurse. Following this initial assessment, the patient will have an assessment carried out by a doctor, individual treatment plans will be made, and a decision taken if the patient can be discharged home or needs to be admitted.

If the patient requires admission to the hospital, the aim is that they will be transferred to a bed on the most appropriate ward for their medical condition.