Our unit is located within Andover War Memorial Hospital (AWMH), which is a five minute walk from Andover train station.

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We are open Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm. There is a waiting room for patients to use during their stay. Patients and their relatives are welcome to use Peaches restaurant within AWMH which is open every weekday from 9am to 4.30pm.

Our unit comprises of one waiting area, two endoscopy admission rooms, one enema room with disabled facilities, two endoscopy treatment rooms and one surgical theatre for our ENT and Ophthalmology operations. We also have two recovery rooms and patient toilets.

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General information

We provide a day surgery and endoscopy service for both our local community and surrounding areas. All procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation (when required) for endoscopy only.

We are a JAG accredited unit and our latest CQC (2020) inspection assessed us as Good in all areas.


What we do:

  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Skin cancer procedures
  • Ophthalmology - cataract and glaucoma
  • Endoscopy - colonoscopy, gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy

In 2023, the unit performed 1993 endoscopy procedures, 704 ophthalmology surgeries and 240 minor and skin cancer procedures.

The unit is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of Gastroenterologists, Surgeons, nurse Endoscopists, endoscopy nurses, theatre practitioners, and healthcare support workers, who will perform and assist you on your procedure day throughout your journey in our unit.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your procedure.

Leadership team

Priscilla Landon – OSM Theatres

Mark Summers – OSM Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

Amy Kerr - Theatres Lead Nurse

Rebecca Carroll - Clinical Matron Day Surgery

Sara Vieira - Team Leader

Alexandra Costa - Admissions/Discharges Deputy Team Leader

Mehana Pais - Endoscopy Deputy Team Leader

Robert Gilbert - ENT/Ophthalmology Deputy Team Leader


Clinical team

Mr W Meacock - Consultant Ophthalmology

Mr S Tiroumal - Consultant Ophthalmology

Mr I Ambrose - Consultant Ophthalmology - Glaucoma Specialist

Mrs K Bush - Consultant Ophthalmology

A Clark - Specialist Doctor Ophthalmology

Mr A Rokade - Consultant ENT

S Talpallikar - Specialist Doctor ENT

Mr C Wakefield, Consultant Upper GI

Mr A Miles, Consultant Colo Rectal

Mr T More, Consultant Colo Rectal

Mr J Broadhurst, Consultant Colo Rectal

Mr M Gore, Consultant Colo Rectal

Mrs F Goulder, Consultant Colo Rectal

Dr K Elguzouli, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr M Tierney, Consultant Gastroenterologist

M Colnaghi - Nurse Endoscopist

V Crofts - Nurse Endoscopist

A Burrows – Nurse Endoscopist