• It takes about two weeks for our pathology team to fully examine and interpret your biopsy.
  • If your biopsy shows breast cancer, we will discuss your case at our weekly multidisciplinary team meeting.  Your investigations are reviewed, treatment options discussed, and the team agree on the best recommendations for you.
  • You will then usually have an appointment with one of our breast consultant surgeons, to discuss your results and recommendations, and agree upon a management plan together.
  • It can be helpful to come with a family member or friend for added support at this consultation.
  • We realise this is a daunting time and there will be a team of specialists on hand to support you including a breast clinical nurse specialist who will be in the consultation with you. Please click below for more information.


Below are links to the breast cancer treatments which may be offered to you. Please note not all are suitable or required for everyone and your team will advise which are recommended for you, and in what order. Therefore, please click on the links that are relevant for you. 




Targeted therapy

Hormone therapy


Breast reconstruction