Specialty Day Case medicine
Location C Floor, Butterfield Wing, Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Sister / Charge Nurse Sarah Woods
Opening times 8.30am to 5.00pm


Colebrook unit is a nurse-run day care unit which provides treatment, investigative and therapeutic procedures to patients.

Day case in Gastroenterology, Haematology, neurological, respiratory and Endocrine  treatments.

The unit has 2 beds and 12 chairs

Unfortunately, visitors are not able to stay during treatment unless agreed in advance with the nurse in charge.  


Patients are welcome to bring in their own  mobile phones, lap tops and ipads however we do ask you do this respectfully by using ear phones and to keep your phone on silent mode.

Beverages are available throughout stay

Sandwiches are offered to patients that are required to stay all day

Sandwiches are not provided for relatives.


Tell us what you think

We hope your stay is a pleasant one, however if you or any of your visitors have a question, complaint or concern please:

Speak to one of the nurses/ sister in charge of the shift.

Complete patients satisfaction survey.