Specialty Elective orthopaedics
Location D Floor, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Clinical Matron Nikki Potter
Sister / Charge Nurse Mandy Ross
Visiting hours Please contact the ward to book a time slot


Useful information

D5 is a 15 bedded elective orthopaedic ward admitting patients for a variety of procedures as arranged by our orthopaedic admissions and pre-op teams.


Patients coming to the ward should bring at minimum and overnight bag and toiletries suitable for their planned stay. Please avoid bringing in any items of value.


As with All other inpatient wards at Hampshire Hospitals D5 have adopted Johns campaign, which allows the carers of patients with dementia to stay in hospital with their loved ones if they wish. Please speak to a senior member of staff if you feel this has not been honoured. #Johnscapaign


Our main focus as a ward is helping you recover safely and quickly from your surgery and so we strongly encourage patients to mobilise as soon as is safe to do so after their procedure and to be dressed in their normal wardrobe as soon as possible as part of the #EndPJParalysis campaign.


After the initial post-op period patients generally recover much better at home in a familiar environment so you will have been asked to ensure there is someone who can collect you on your planned discharge date, we will also discharge patients later in the day, provided it is safe to do so, to help you return home as soon as is safe to do so.

Contacting Us

Please be aware we are a busy ward but will answer your call as quickly as possible. It is recommended that families allocate one member to contact the ward and feedback any updates accordingly. Please be aware that we are only able to give limited information out over the phone.