Geoffrey Hammond Ward is a 30 bedded ward offering antenatal and postnatal care.

Facilities on the ward

The Hospedia bed side service offers radio, television and telephone services. Radio is provided free of change, however the television and telephone services require payment. You are welcome to use your own mobile telephone. However we ask you do this respectfully and with consideration to other women on the ward. Please keep your phone on silent mode.  

Meal Times

Patient meals are ordered through the Hospedia bedside service by the patient. Please ask for assistance in logging into the system if required. Meals are not provided for birth partners. There is however a hospital canteen which offers hot and cold meals and a costa coffee on site. 

Breakfast is served 8am-8:30am.

Lunch is served 12pm- 12:30pm.

Supper is served 17:30pm-18:00pm.

Hot drinks are served at regular intervals throughout the day.


During your stay your husband or birthing partner will able to have 24hrs a day visiting access

Baby's siblings are welcome to visit between 2pm - 7.30pm. Please do not bring unwell children into the ward.

Between 8am - 10pm 2 visitors are welcome at any one time.  In line with infection control guidelines please use the chairs provided and refrain from sitting on the beds.

Geoffrey Hammond antenatal ward has 10 beds. This consisting of two 4 bedded bays and two single side rooms, one with en suite facilities. There are no private amenity rooms available during your antenatal stay. All women who require induction of labour or admission for additional needs during their pregnancy will be cared for on this ward.


Ward round
The daily consultant ward round will typically take place between 9am and 10am. During this time the obstetric team along with the antenatal midwife will review the care of each patient on the ward. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and a plan of care will be made.  


During your stay your husband or birthing partner will able to have 24hrs a day visiting access. You and your partner will probably be tired after the baby's birth and it is important to rest and get to know your baby.

We have to be mindful of situations that may occur regarding an increased risk of infection and sometimes our visiting hours may have to change to increase safety for our mums and babies.

Visiting hours are arranged to give you and your partner time to get to know your baby and to give you privacy as we care for you.

Family members or visitors (over the age of 16) are welcome between:

2pm and 7.30pm

Up to 3 people can be with the baby at one time (one of them being a parent)

Please do not bring unwell children into the ward (e.g. sore throat, cough or cold)

Geoffrey Hammond postnatal ward has 20 beds, comprising of three 5 bedded bays, three single rooms and a two bedded room which we use for women who have a baby on the neonatal unit.   Single amenity rooms are generally available but cannot be pre booked, for information regarding prices please contact: the private patient’s office on 01256 314718 or

Your time on the ward

The ward staff will show you or explain about the facilities available.  There are folders available at each bed which contains information that will help you settle in to the ward.

We would ask you not to keep the curtains closed around the bed unless you are breastfeeding your baby. This is to ensure that the midwifery staff can see that you and your baby are safe and well.

Please try and keep the areas around your bed free of belongings and send any items you don't need home, this is to help us keep the ward environment clean and reduce the risk of infection.   Space is limited so we suggest you bring just one bag for yourself and one bag for your baby.  There is no need to bring the car seat in to hospital until the day you are going home.   We provide you with a cot for the baby and a bedside locker, we suggest you use these to store personal belongings and send bags/cases home.

Babies are kept with their mother at all times while in hospital and we ask that you bring with you clothes (vests and baby grows, several of each), nappies and cotton wool.

We encourage you to wear daytime clothing during the day and ask that you bring with you all personal hygiene requirements including sanitary towels. 

Amenity rooms

Would you like a single room during your stay in the maternity unit?

Amenity rooms are available for those women who wish to have privacy. You will still be treated as an NHS patient but are paying for the additional privacy. The maternity unit has amenity rooms available on the postnatal ward.

If you wish to have an amenity room during your stay, please advise maternity staff when you are admitted in labour. Any income from amenity rooms is invested into the maternity unit and the care of patients.

For information regarding prices please contact: the private patients office on 01256 315010 or

Please note that rooms are subject to availability.

Ward rounds

Regular medication rounds are undertaken to ensure you receive adequate pain relief, if you require extra pain relief please do not suffer in silence ask a member of staff.

A daily check of both you and your baby will be undertaken by the team which comprises of a midwife, nursery and maternity support worker.  Medical reviews for mothers and babies are not normally required but if needed will be undertaken by the team but we do not have fixed times for these.


Early discharge home is encouraged, based on individual needs.  The length of stay on the postnatal ward varies for each mother from 6 hours to 24 hours following a normal birth and up to 2 -3 days following a Caesarean section.  Women choosing to birth in the hospital are discharged to their named community midwife and the team will provide care and support in the community which will be planned with you.   Information is provided for you to take home with contact numbers if further support is required.

Safeguarding your baby

We have a responsibility to provide for you and your baby a safe, secure environment. While the hospital has many initiatives to ensure that security on the ward is heightened, there is much you can do to enhance safety and minimise risks.

We are aware that certain practices can increase the risk of your baby suffering from a cot death whilst they are sleeping. We work very hard to try and avoid this and there are certain recommendations that will help reduce the likelihood of this happening. Reduce the risk of cot death leaflet


We hope your stay is a pleasant one. However if you or any of your visitors have a question, complaint or concern please:

  • Speak to the antenatal or postnatal lead midwife or midwife in charge of the shift.
  • Contact the inpatient matron.
  • Complete one of our friends and family forms available.