If you are expecting your first child, you are likely to have up to 10 appointments. If you have had a baby before, you should have around seven appointments. In certain circumstances, for example if you develop a medical condition, you may have more.

Your antenatal appointments should take place in a private setting where you feel able to discuss sensitive problems that may affect you, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental illness or drug use.

Weeks Antenatal shedule of appointments With who
 8 - 10  
  • Booking appointment
  • Antenatal Screening choices
  • Advice about being pregnant

 At every antenatal appointment – you will have the following carried out.


  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Test urine for proteinurea and glucose
  • Listen to the fetal heart
  • Record fetal movements
  • Feel your abdomen to check which way the baby is lying and how it is growing
 11 - 14  Nuchal translucency scan and bloods  hospital
 18-20  Routine anomaly scan  hospital
 25  Antenatal check  GP / midwife
  • Antenatal check
  • Blood tests for anaemia
  • Anti D injection if you are Rhesus negative
 31  Antenatal check  GP / midwife
  • Antenatal check
  • Blood tests for anaemia
 36  Antenatal check   midwife
 38  Antenatal check  GP / midwife
 40  Antenatal check  midwife
 41  Antenatal check  midwife
 41 + 3 days  Induction of labour  hospital