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Birthing classes

It is with the greatest regret that all Antenatal, Confident Birthing and Hypnobirthing classes at all three of our hospital sites (Basingstoke, Winchester, Andover) are currently suspended as a precaution to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

It is important to keep you, your family and our staff as safe as possible in these circumstances. We hope that you understand our reasoning for not currently providing face to face classes. We will provide face to face classes, once we feel this is safe to do so following guidance.

We have created an online class to cover the topics covered in our Birth and Baby Care Classes - labour and birth videos and caring for yourself and your baby videos.

We appreciate that your class and the information covered within these sessions is important to you. We have created free online classes to cover the topics covered in these sessions, please click on the links. These are delivered in bitesize clips to enable you to cover many of the topics which will provide some useful preparation for you prior to you having your baby.

Parent education sessions are led by midwives and maternity support workers with great experience in antenatal education provision. These sessions enable you to find out more about pregnancy whilst preparing you for labour, birth and caring for your newborn baby.

The session will include:

  • Overview of birth
  • Signs of labour and its stages
  • Positive and negative effects of labour and birth
  • Pain relief options
  • When doctors get involved
  • Care after birth in hospital and after
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Baby’s communication
  • Breastfeeding & bottle feeding
  • Safe sleeping
  • Practical skills; nappies, winding, cord care, bathing
  • Postnatal checks and what they are for
  • Time for mum
  • The role of the health visitor

Should you have any further questions we also offer free Zoom sessions on Thursday afternoons where you can speak with a midwife live. Your midwife will be able to provide you with access code for these sessions. 


Please note: Any information sent by email will not be secure and is at the discretion of the applicant. Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will not be accountable.

Tours of the maternity units

Tours of our maternity units have been suspended due to the cornoavirus pandemic.

We plan to provide tours when it is safe to do so at all sites.


Labour and birth videos - click here 

Caring for yourself and your baby videos click here

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