It is the Maternity Day Assessment Unit. This department functions as an out patient area for triage and assessment.

Please use the NHS Healthier Together App if you have any concerns and follow the recommended steps.

You may be advised to attend the MDAU after speaking to a midwife, or you may be given advice to manage your care at home. You may be advised to attend or referred to by your GP and/or Community Midwife.


Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital - Located in the clinic area in Sherborne Building

  • Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Royal Hampshire County Hospital - Located on the ground floor in Florence Portal House

  • Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm


When you arrive at MDAU, please let a member of staff know. 

As this is an outpatient triage area it is subject to unexpected emergencies and periods of high patient volume, we would ask you to please be patient and kind to each other.

A midwife will assess your concerns and condition upon arrival and then decide on further action - this is called triage. We aim to do this within 15 minutes, but please be aware that you may need to wait longer at busy times and/or if there is an emergency situation. The triage system ensures that people with the most serious conditions are seen first to keep everyone safe.

Once you have had your 15 min assessment, you will be assigned a colour based on how urgently you need to be seen:MDAU triage.jpg

Regardless of your reason for attendance to MDAU  please always bring your maternity notes. These give us important information about your medical history, your pregnancy and future care.

Depending on what your concern is and our assessment, the MDAU midwife may be able to resolve the issue, or you might need to be seen by a doctor, or you may need to be transferred to the maternity unit for a period of time.

If you're asked to return for a follow-up appointment, scan or review, this appointment will be in our scheduled prior to your discharge home and you will be informed of when and where to return.