Help shape and improve your local maternity services by joining the Hampshire Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC).

The Hampshire MSLC aims to ensure that the views of local parents are taken into account in all aspects of maternity services, including:

  • Antenatal care - from check-ups with the midwife in the community to scans at the hospital.
  • Quality of care during labour and birth - whether at home, in a maternity centre or hospital.
  • Post-natal support given to new parents and their babies by doctors, midwives and health visitors and other support workers.

MSLC members can include parents to be, mums, dads, grandparents, NHS midwives and doctors from across Hampshire, health visitors, independent midwives and members of local community groups that provide services and support to new parents and their babies. The MSLC is one of the main ways that our healthcare professionals get to hear the real views and experiences of parents using our maternity services.

The MSLC covers the whole of north and west Hampshire but does not cover the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton.

If you feel passionate about improving the maternity service for all local parents then this committee is for you. We are looking for people who can bring their own experiences as well as the experiences of other parents they meet to our meetings to help shape the future of maternity services. Your views are invaluable to give maternity professionals a service user’s perspective. In addition, a very important part of our work is that we find out what parents from all walks of life need to make their experience of our maternity services a good one.MSLC meetings are held locally every month and are informal and friendly. Service users meet before the main meeting to catch up on local issues and review the topics for the meeting, so most parent members find it easy to express their opinions. We discuss a large variety of matters ranging from practical details to policy issues.  Some of our recent topics have included:

  • Helping to develop the new 24 hour labourline including a “mystery shopper” exercise to check how well the midwives working the line were doing.
  • Involvement in developing community consultation surveys for the new acute hospital site being considered for Hampshire
  • Help with the design of the new low risk birth rooms at Winchester
  • Input on patient leaflets for maternity

As a result of the meetings, our MSLC members use their strengths to work on specific maternity projects, respond to maternity surveys and find out the views of other parents and parents to be on issues which could be raised at MSLC meetings.

  • Free training. Members are encouraged to attend training courses and study days to enhance their knowledge. This could be a training session on using social media or an update on normal birth practices
  • Support from fellow MSLC members and regular updates on the progress of MSLC initiatives.
  • Claim forms for any out of pocket expenses, including travel and childcare costs.

Babies are most welcome at our events and meetings! Crèche facilities are available for pre-school children at our meetings.

All your reasonable expenses, such as travel and childcare costs, will be repaid for attendance at MSLC events and meetings, or where you are involved in MSLC activities.  Childcare costs are reimbursed regardless of whether you use registered childcare or a family member or friend to care for your children.

Mindy Noble (Chair of Hampshire MSLC) at or 0773 345 6671
Or contact us through our Facebook page: