Where you receive your antenatal care depends on whether you have any medical conditions and any previous or current pregnancy problems.

In the community

If you and your baby are fit and well generally, then you are classed as ‘low risk’ and you will be seen by your midwife and occasionally your GP. This means you will be seen in the community environment.

You will have regular appointments at an antenatal clinic which are usually held within GP surgeries. 

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate to see you at your home. This can be put in place should you require it, after discussion with your midwife.

At the hospital

It may be that you need the additional support of an obstetrician during your pregnancy because of some existing or new medical or pregnancy related problem. 

This means you are classed as ‘high risk’. If this happens either at the beginning or at any point during your pregnancy then you will be invited to attend the antenatal clinics at the hospital where you will be seen by one of the medical team.

The antenatal clinics are held at Andover War Memorial Hospital, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital or Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

  • Andover War Memorial Hospital - Main Outpatients Department.
  • Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital - Ground floor of the Sherborne building.
  • Royal Hampshire County Hospital - Ground floor of Florence Portal House

The maternity ultrasound department is also located within the antenatal clinics at Basingstoke and Winchester.