We try to be a flexible as possible in providing you and your baby with a postnatal care plan that suits you.

If you and your baby are both well and fall into the category of ‘ low risk’ then

  • You may wish to go home shortly after the birth. 
  • You may wish to stay in the hospital long enough to have the initial newborn examination check carried out by one of the paediatricians. 
  • If you wish to go home before this is carried out then you have the option of returning to the hospital the next day for you and your baby to have your checks.

If you or your baby have experienced any problems and fall into the category of ‘high risk’ then our team will plan a discharge time that suits you and your baby’s needs.

You are required to register the birth of your baby within 42 days of the birth.

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By law and in the interests of safety, any child should be restrained while travelling by car. It is therefore important that you provide a car seat for the baby's journey home from the hospital. It is essential that you heed the advice given by the manufacturer and adhere to regulations for the safety of your baby.

This check is carried out by your GP and is for both you and your baby. This an examination of you and your baby’s health and to make sure that there are no problems or concerns which require follow up.

You should arrange an appointment for around six weeks after you have given birth. 

This check is an ideal time to

  • Decide what contraception you wish use at this point.
  • Have a cervical smear test if you are due one as the hormones in pregnancy can cause changes to cervix.

We offer a birth reflections service for women who wish to discuss their labour and birth with a midwife. This service can be accessed after your six week check up. For more information click here.