Speciality  Pre-Assessment 
Matron  Rebecca Carroll, Martha Knapman 
Senior Sister  Daniela Oakley 
Contact number     

01962 825476 (Opening times 7am-3pm) 

Location Old Brooks Centre, Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Speciality  Pre-Assessment             
Matron  Rebecca Carroll, Martha Knapman 
Sister / Deputy Sister

Catherine Reynolds 

Cheryl Bond (deputy sister) 

Vina Estrada (deputy sister) 

Sue Hurst (deputy sister) 

Andrea Kura (deputy sister) 

Contact number

01256 486799 (Opening times 8am-4pm)                         

Location  Lasham Unit, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital 
Speciality   Andover Pre-Assessment Clinic
Matron  Becky Carroll 
Senior / Deputy Sister            

Rachael Russell-Rye (senior sister) 

Kayleigh Barnett (deputy sister) 

Contact number   

01264 835390 

Location  Countess of Brecknock Clinic (Old Hospice) 1st Floor, Andover War Memorial Hospital 

  • Professionalism and curtesy 
  • Thorough assessment including all of your medical history
  • We work with the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to ensure that you are safe and medically fit for the anaesthetic 
  • Base line observations (including blood pressure, height and weight) screening for  MRSA/MSSA , ECG, bloods and fasting instructions will be provided

  • Please complete the questionnaire prior to your appointment and bring the details of you surgery date and time.
  • Allow yourself parking time or use Park and Ride
  • Be punctual for your appointment, preferably be 10 min early to have your BP, ECG and BMI check.
  • Please feel free to bring in additional support if you feel that you needed.
  • If you have had investigations or have pending investigation in other hospitals than Royal Hampshire County Hospital (RHCH) please bring in any documentation with you.

As part of the preparation for your surgery it is essential that you take very good care of your skin.  You need to be extremely careful not to sustain any bites, grazes, abrasions or cuts in the weeks leading up to your surgery, this is not just on the area being operated on but over your whole body.


Any open area on your skin is an area which could potentially become infected. If we proceed with your surgery then your new wound could easily become infected which could prevent the wound healing as well as causing you distress and discomfort.


You need to be aware that the surgeon WILL CANCEL YOUR SURGERY if you have any bites, cuts, abrasions or grazes. It is therefore very important that you contact the pre-assessment clinic and talk to the staff as soon as possible before your surgery, so that we can give you advice or arrange to see you and assess your skin.


If you have any coughs, colds, Flu symptoms, Stomach bugs or infections within 10 days of surgery please also contact us for advice.


Please contact the relevant departments for advice:-


Pre-Assessment Clinic -   01962 824983


(If no answer - please leave a message on our answerphone and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you)