We provide outpatient and inpatient referral services at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, and Andover War Memorial Hospital. We work closely with our regional neurosciences hub, the Wessex Neurological Centre in Southampton. At HHFT, we provide clinics in general neurology and specialty clinics in motor neurone disease, headache, movement disorders and complex Parkinsonism. We participate as local centres in a number of neurological clinical trials.

Clinical Staff

Consultant Neurologists:

  • Dr Matthew Harris
  • Dr Christopher Kipps
  • Dr Peter Jenkins
  • Dr Adrian Miller (Clinical Co-Lead)
  • Dr Alice Manson
  • Dr Wojtek Rakowicz (Clinical Co-Lead)
  • Dr Claudio Ruffmann
  • Dr Mazen Sabah

Neurology Nurse Specialists:

  • Andrea Burch – Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Yvonne Burton – Epilepsy (Basingstoke)
  • Tracy McElwaine – Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kim Morley – Epilepsy Specialist Midwife
  • Debbie Rooke – Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Margaret Topping – Multiple Sclerosis
  • Jackie Schuster – Parkinson’s Disease
  • Rachel Lambden - Epilepsy (Winchester)


Administrative Staff

Operational Services Manager (Long-term Conditions):

  • Dan Parr

Specialty Coordinators:

  • Sharon Crook (Basingstoke)
  • Tina Flye (Winchester)

Specialty Assistants:

  • Laura May (Winchester)
  • Emma Pedrick (Winchester)
  • Donna Pink (Basingstoke)
  • Tanya Reap (Basingstoke)