This guide has been prepared to inform the users of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Pathology Laboratories of which services are available and how to obtain the services required.

It is appreciated that with the ever increasing range of tests available it is difficult for the user to know which request form, specimen container, type of specimen and particular protocol is needed to obtain the specific investigation and result they require. Hopefully, this guide will address these difficulties. In addition to this type of information, the guide also contains lists of relevant telephone numbers to facilitate easy access to appropriate Consultant and other senior staff for advice as well as departmental numbers for result enquiries.

Any laboratory is, to a large extent, only as good as the user allows it to be. It is important that all request forms and specimen containers are labelled properly with the relevant demographic and clinical details. Care must also be taken to follow any necessary protocol where a result could otherwise be adversely affected. If any doubt exists, it is advisable to contact the appropriate Consultant or department who will be pleased to provide the necessary information. Finally, any views that users may have about how this guide could be improved would be welcomed for incorporation into future editions. Please give these, preferably in writing, to David Beacher, Quality Manager (