candover_clinic.jpgAbout Candover Clinic

Candover Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare options within four impressive new units:

Outpatient Clinic

The clinic comprises of 12 consulting rooms and two large treatment rooms. The clinic is fully equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment systems such as ECG, shockwave therapy, echocardiogram, exercise-ECG and skin treatment lasers.

Diagnostic Imaging

For maximum patient convenience, under the same roof as the clinic, our diagnostic imaging units include MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound. Our state-of-the-art MRI magnet has the widest bore and shortest length magnet in the area, providing the most comfortable patient experience as well as superior diagnostic images.

Inpatient Ward

In the main hospital, the Candover Suite is a dedicated 22-bed, all en-suite, private ward, which provides the highest level of comfort and safety in the area.

Private Theatres

Our new, fully equipped, private patients theatres are accessed directly from the suite.

Candover is a care-led enterprise and our consultants have a strong voice in the provision of treatment, investment in facilities and future direction. All management decisions are made on-site allowing Candover to be agile and responsive towards all our patient’s needs. Candover is not part of a large corporation or a hospital chain and does not have shareholders. We are wholly owned by the NHS Trust and dedicated entirely to providing the best private healthcare option in the region.

Being located on the site of a well-respected district hospital offers patients a very high level of safety and reassurance, including access to critical and specialist units not available on nearby private hospital sites. Candover is staffed entirely by NHS staff employed specifically within private patient care.

The money generated by Candover is invested in the Trust's NHS services - benefitting NHS patients. Candover also benefits the Trust's hospitals and NHS patients by freeing up beds and resources when insured or self-funding patients choose to be treated privately.


Costs for insured patients are generally paid to us directly by the relevant insurance company. Self-pay patients settle their bill directly with Candover. In some cases so-called “cash-plans” may provide insured patients with reimbursement for fees paid upfront for treatment.


Self-paying for treatment has several benefits and it may be much more affordable than you think. This area of private healthcare has become more popular over the last decade particularly amongst patients that are unable to get the complete insurance coverage they would like at a price they can afford.

If you are considering any form of private consultation, treatment, health screening diagnostic tests or non-invasive imaging please contact us for some free advice.

Insured treatment

Candover works with many private medical insurers and we are expanding our insurer network all the time. When you attend for a consultation, receive treatment or any services your insurance policy will cover some or all of the consultant’s and Candover’s fees.

All services must be preauthorised by your healthcare insurer prior to your visit. You will also require a referral from your GP. The coverage and terms of individual insurance policies varies widely and it is essential that you look at this carefully.

Please ask

If you would like to get some general advice or enquire about any of our fixed-price packages please call us, one of our patient-focused team will be happy to help.

For more information please visit our website at or contact the clinic on: 01256 315010 or