We have fluoroscopy facilities at both Royal Hampshire County Hospital and Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. You will be sent a letter giving details of when and where to attend for your procedure.

Fluoroscopy examinations use a constant series of X-ray images to produce a live video of the region of interest. There are a number of different tests but most commonly they are used to look at the digestive system. You will be asked to swallow a special liquid which shows up on x-rays, this is usually barium, which looks a little like a milkshake and has a chalky consistency. Other examinations, such as those visualising the bowel involve the liquid being inserted via the rectum. Your specific procedure will be explained in the appointment letter.

These examinations can be requested by your GP or consultant. A radiologist (x-ray doctor) will look at the request and check this is the best test for you to have. Once this has been done an appointment letter will be sent to you.

Preparation varies between examinations and you will be sent instructions. For some examinations you may be asked to follow a special diet or take some medication to ensure the stomach and bowel are empty. For some of the procedures you may need to have a barium drink prior to the exam but this will be specified in the letter.

Fluoroscopy procedures involve the use of x-rays, which does carry a very small risk. All x-ray requests have been justified to ensure any radiation dose is outweighed by the benefit of a possible diagnosis. Radiation is also a risk to the unborn child so it is very important that if you are, or think there is a chance that you are pregnant you let us know before the appointment.

Results will be sent back to your GP or consultant, who will make an appointment or write to you.