We have an interventional radiology service at both Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and Royal Hampshire County Hospital. You will be sent a letter with your appointment that will tell you where to go.

There are a large variety of procedures that are performed in interventional radiology. The reason for the procedure might be to diagnose a condition or treat an existing one. A radiologist (x-ray doctor) along with specialist nurses and a radiographer will use moving x-ray pictures or ultrasound to help guide them in the procedure or look at the region of interest. You will be provided with more details along with your appointment letter.

The consultant looking after you will usually request the procedure. You will be then sent an appointment letter through the post. 

You appointment letter will give details of any specific instructions. These might include fasting before the procedure, going for a blood test or following a special diet. In some cases, you may need to attend a pre-assessment appointment to make sure the procedure is suitable and safe for us to carry out.

Both your consultant and the radiology consultant will fully discuss the risks of the individual procedure with you.  Alongside this, the use of x-rays carries a very small health risk, this is always outweighed by the benefits of having the procedure or the additional risks of carrying out a more invasive procedure without the help of x-ray pictures. We may need to give you some x-ray dye (contrast agent), there is slight risk of an allergic reaction to this.

This depends on the procedure; your consultant may arrange an appointment or write to you. You may return to our department for a follow up appointment.

Patient information leaflets (in Radiology folder)