We have nuclear medicine facilities at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. There is no facility at Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

A Nuclear Medicine scan uses gamma radiation to produce images of how the body is functioning. The scanner itself has two square cameras, one that sits above you and one underneath. Prior to the scan you will require an injection and depending on the scan you are having, there may be a delay between the injection and the scan. The length of the scan is dependent on the area of the body that is being imaged. Your appointment letter will give further details.

Nuclear Medicine scans involve a small dose of gamma radiation. This does carry a very small risk but every scan is justified to ensure that the risk is far outweighed by the benefits of having the scan. Radiation poses a risk to an unborn child so it is very important that if you are, or think there is a chance that you may be pregnant, you let us know before you have the scan.

Your doctor will need to refer you for the scan and once approved you will be sent an appointment letter. You will need to confirm your appointment by phoning the number provided on the letter.

Preparation varies between scans so written instructions will be provided with the appointment letter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask when phoning to confirm your appointment.

The result will go to your referring doctor and this normally takes just over a week. We do not provide you with any results on the day of your scan.