X-ray walk-in service

All patients who have been referred by their doctor for a chest X-ray are now able to attend Radiology without an appointment at the following sites from Monday 3 October 2022. All other X-ray examinations, Ultrasound, DEXA, CT or MR requests require an appointment.

  • Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital - Monday to Friday, 2pm-4pm
  • Royal Hampshire County Hospital - Monday to Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm

We have X-ray facilities at all of the Hampshire Hospitals Sites, click here for information on opening times. Your GP will let you know where to attend for your x-ray.

An X-ray is an examination that produces 2D images of almost any part of your body using a small amount of radiation. An x-ray is a relatively simple procedure that may take anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes depending on how many images are required.

All patients who have been referred by their Doctor for a chest X-ray are now able to attend Radiology without an appointment at our sites.  Radiology are keen to  help improve access so please try to attend promptly if a chest X-ray is required. 

No specific preparation is normally needed, we may ask you to undress and wear a hospital gown for imaging of certain body parts such as your hips, abdomen or spine. It may help if you wear loose fitting clothing without any metal over the area of interest.

Whilst the radiation received is minimal, every exposure to ionising radiation carries a very small health risk. Your doctor will always justify why imaging needs to be carried out so that we can be sure the benefit far outweighs any possible risk. There is also risk of damage to the unborn child. If you are, or think there is a chance that you could be pregnant please inform the radiographer before your examination.

If you were referred by your GP your images will be reviewed and reported on by one of our consultant radiologists. This report will be sent back to your GP usually within 7-10 days. How you get results will vary if you were sent by a doctor within the hospital.