Specialty Emergency medicine
Location Emergency Department, B Floor, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Clinical Matron Heidi Davies
Sister / Charge nurse TBA
Visiting hours

08:00 - 20:00

7 days a week



Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) is an innovative way of providing a safe, flexible, same day emergency service for appropriate patients. Our service aims to prevent unnecessary hospital admission and provide a better patient experience.

Our SDEC Unit offers easy access to early diagnostic tests, specialist staff, and review by a hospital consultant all in one place. Patients must be referred and clinically accepted by the SDEC team.

Patients are referred from:
•    GP
•    111
•    Emergency Department
•    Wards (as part of support network to facilitate early discharge)


SDEC is located in the Emergency Department next to the short stay ward at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.


  • On arrival patients are booked in and seated in a waiting area. 
  • The patient has an initial assessment with a nurse and medical doctor. 
  • Suitable investigations are arranged and carried out. 
  • These are then reviewed with the medical consultant. 
  • Appropriate treatment is then started. 

Our aim is to work towards a safe and appropriate discharge home. If however, admission to hospital is required, the SDEC team will arrange a bed in the Acute Admission Unit or the most appropriate medical ward.

For GPs, 111 or other services, please contact our Clinical Communication Centre to get in contact.