Mr Richard Harker, Consultant in orthopaedic and trauma surgery


Specialist interests

Specialist interest in Spinal Surgery and Lower Limb Arthroplasty

Spinal Surgery

My major interest lies in the lumbar spine; the majority of my surgery involves decompression, discectomy or fusion. I have an interest in the newer, less invasive techniques that are being developed in spinal surgery including semi rigid stabilisation.

I have started a kyphoplasty service to help treat vertebral fractures from osteoporosis or due to metastases that fail to respond to conservative measures. This minimally invasive procedure allows us to treat patients who might otherwise be too frail to be treated and so far we have had excellent results

I have an interest in the management of back pain, incorporating both interventional strategies and pain management techniques to help patients. I work closely with the pain team consultants in the hospital and we run combined clinics for those patients who we find the most challenging.

Lower Limb Arthroplasty

I have a longstanding love affair with computer navigation, especially its use in knee arthroplasty, which dates back to a Fellowship year in Perth, Western Australia. I was involved in the trial and development of the hardware and software that we use today.


Other roles

Supervisor for Foundation Year trainees in the orthopaedic department

Training and lecturing on spinal surgery, arthroplasty and trauma courses and conferences