Dr Gaurang Ubhayakar, Consultant radiologist


Radiology cinical governance lead, 2002

Lead radiologist upper GI cancer, 2002

Lead radiologist urology cancer, 2002


Specialist interests

Interventional radiology

Offering a wide range of vascular and non vascular interventions.  These include

Peripheral vascular angioplasty and stenting, thrombolysis

Vascular embolisation including post partum and trauma haemorrhage,

Vena cava filter insertion, venous access, venous stenting  varicocoele embolisation

Percutaneous cholangiography and biliary stenting

Nephrostomy and antegrade ureteric stenting

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Sialography, sialoplasty and salivary duct stone removal.


Other roles

Radiology teaching – Core training FY1 & 2, radiology SPRs