passport.jpgYour hospital passport admissions-letter.jpgYour admission letter pyjamas.jpgTwo pairs of pyjamas or two nighties dressing-gown.jpgDressing gown and slippers
toothbrush.jpgToothbrush and toothpaste. If needed, a denture pot and cleaner (clearly labelled with your name) shampoo.jpgSoap / showel gel and shampoo hairbrush.jpgHairbrush and comb towel.jpgTwo towels (one bath towel, one hand towel) and two flannels (wash cloths)
shaving.jpgRazor and shaving foam (if used) glasses.jpgGlasses and / or hearing aids (if worn)hearing-aid.jpg



Your usual medicines, or a list of them 

mobile-phone.jpgMobile phone and charger, MP3 player (iPod) and headphones
books.jpgSomething to do or read, pens / pencils and paper drinks.jpgDrinks (such as squash) and snacksfruit.jpg tissues_w.jpgTissues and hand wipes money.jpgA small amount of money
baby.jpgThings for your baby (maternity and children's ward)