The antenatal ward has nine beds. This consists of two 4 bedded bays and one single side room with en suite facilities. There are no private amenity rooms available during your antenatal stay. All women who require induction of labour or admission for additional needs during their pregnancy will be cared for on this ward.

Ward round

The daily consultant ward round will typically take place between 9am and 10am. During this time the obstetric team along with the antenatal midwife will review the care of each patient on the ward. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and a plan of care will be made. 

Facilities on the ward

The Hospedia bed side service offers radio, television and telephone services. Radio is provided free of change, however the television and telephone services require payment. You are welcome to use your own mobile telephone. However we ask you do this respectfully and with consideration to other women on the ward. Please keep your phone on silent mode.  

Meal Times

Patient meals are ordered through the Hospedia bedside service by the patient. Please ask for assistance in logging into the system if required. Meals are not provided for birth partners. There is however a hospital canteen which offers hot and cold meals and there is a costa coffee on site. 

Breakfast is served 8am-8:30am.
Lunch is served 12pm- 12:30pm.
Supper is served 17:30pm-18:00pm.
Hot drinks are served at regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Children of the woman are welcome to visit between 8am and 10pm. Please do not bring children who are unwell or have recently been unwell into the ward. If you are unsure please contact the ward before your visit.
  • Birth partners visiting hours are: 8am- 10pm.
  • Normal visiting hours are: 2pm- 4pm and 6pm-8pm.
  • We offer woman who are admitted to the maternity unit the chance to have a partner stay with them outside the normal visiting hours. The partner can be a friend or relative but this person must be fit and well and must be an adult. The partner will be asked to sign an overnight agreement and kindly be asked to refrain from entering and exiting the ward between 10pm and 8am.
  • 2 visitors are welcome at any one time.  In line with infection control guidelines please use the chairs provided and refrain from sitting on the beds.

We hope your stay is a pleasant one. However if you or any of your visitors have a question, complaint or concern please:

  • Speak to the antenatal lead midwife or midwife in charge of the shift.
  • Contact the inpatient matron.
  • Complete one of our friends and family forms.