To arrange a hearing aid repair, please call us on 01962 824437 and we will book you an appointment.

There are drop-boxes for faulty hearing aids available at

  • Basingstoke Hospital (to the left of the main appointments desk in the front entrance).
  • Royal County Hospital, Winchester (outside the main entrance to outpatients).
  • Andover War Memorial Hospital (between the double sliding doors at the entrance to outpatients)

Faulty hearing aids can be placed in here packaged up and clearly labelled with your personal details, details of the fault and how you want the hearing aid returned to you.

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Audiology is the healthcare science profession that provides services for people with problems with their hearing or balance. We carry out hearing tests, provide advice about Tinnitus management, fit NHS hearing aids to adults and children, carry out diagnostic tests of Hearing and Balance function and provide Rehabilitation programmes for patients diagnosed with a Balance dysfunction.

Audiology is closely linked to the department of Ear, Nose and Throat surgery (ENT). We carry out hearing tests on patients attending ENT outpatient clinics and provide further tests of hearing and balance for ENT patients referred by the ENT Consultant.


Battery warnings:

Batteries contain dangerous substances and should be disposed of carefully in the interest of your safety and for the environment. Please note:

Keep hearing aid batteries away from pets, children and people with cognitive, intellectual or mental health challenges – we can supply lockable battery drawers upon request.

Never put a hearing aid battery in your mouth.

Never swallow batteries or place them inside any part of the body, as the battery can cause serious injuries.  If a battery has been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, attend A&E.

Do not re-charge zinc-air batteries, they may leak or explode.

Do not attempt to dispose of batteries by burning them.

Used batteries are harmful to the environment. Please dispose of them according to local regulations or return them to your hearing care professional.

Batteries may leak. Remove the battery if you leave the hearing aids unused for longer periods.

If the batteries are not inserted correctly, the device will not work and the batteries may build up heat. If this happens, please remove the batteries.



Audiology Department
Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Romsey Road
SO22 5DG


01962 824437 (9am-4pm)


Please note: We do receive a very high volume of calls each day – If you are unable to get through to us, and you have access to email, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Head of Audiology

Joanne Edwards

Our locations:

  • Andover War Memorial Hospital – Outpatients Department
  • Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital – yellow waiting area, Main Outpatients Department, B Floor
  • Royal Hampshire County Hospital – Outpatients Department, level B, Burrell Wing
  • Eastleigh Health Centre – First Floor.
  • Alton Community Centre
  • Wickham Surgery

Patient information leaflets

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Oticon hearing aid information

How to clean the Corda thin tube

How to clean the ear mould

Oticon companion app


Local support groups

Winchester Hard of Hearing Group run by Norman Alexander

Tel: 01962 865584

Eastleigh Hard of Hearing Group run by Mrs Dot Tuck

Tel: 023 8019 7536

Romsey Hard of Hearing Group run by Mrs Ann Gale

c/o The Appletree Centre, Princes Road, Romsey

Andover Hard of Hearing Club run by Chris Read and Brian Orchard

Chris Read - Tel: 02380 766138, Email:

Brian Orchard – Tel: 01264 362485, Email:

Alton All Saints Hard of Hearing Group run by Kate Dando


Tel: 01420 83514  

Contact details

All sites:

01962 824437

Repairs and Maintenance

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