The labour ward is situated on the second floor of the Sherborne building. It consists of two birthing suites and six labour rooms all of which have access to ensuite bathroom facilities. 

Tthe two birthing suites are allocated for use by women whose pregnancy and labour so far has been without complication.  Both of these rooms have a birthing pool, mood lighting, bluetooth music centres/radios and full en-suite facilities.

All of our rooms have facilities for enabling normal birth and contain a birthing bed, birthing balls and have enough space to walk around in. 

The labour rooms are equipped for normal births and also contain supplementary equipment if you need additional support to deliver your baby vaginally.

We also have a three bedded observation bay. This is a ward which is used after the birth of your baby to carry out closer monitoring if you have experienced any complications during the birthing or if you have had a caesarean section. 

Visiting on delivery suite is limited to birthing partners only.

Women may return home within a few hours of their birth if all is well, to the care of their community midwife and GP.