The gastroenterology department specialise in all aspects of gastroenterology and the investigation of gastrointestinal cancer.  We have specialist teams for cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, nutrition, liver and alcohol. 

Inpatients are based on Victoria Ward. Outpatient appointments and investigations such as endoscopy and X rays/scans take place at both the Royal Hampshire County Hospital and Andover Memorial Hospital.

Please note the waiting times shown on My Planned Care may vary at any given time. If you have any questions, please contact the details given on your appointment letter.


Name Job title Telephone Email  
Dr Harriet Gordon Clinical lead for gastroenterology 01962 825629  
Dr Frank Murphy Consultant gastroenterologist 01962 825629  
Dr John Gordon Consultant gastroenterologist 01962 825629  
Dr David Lloyd  Consultant gastroenterologist 01962 825629  
Tammi Pidgeon Medical secretary 01962 825629  


Name Job title
Alex Wiltshire Upper GI cancer nurse
Louanne McCabe Inflamatory bowel disease nurse
Sarah Cotton Inflamatory bowel disease nurse
Debbie Britton Inflamatory bowel disease nurse
Sabine Burningham Bowel cancer screening nurse
Emily Abanco Iron deficiency, anaemia and haemachromatosis nurse
Charlotte Madgwick Iron deficiency, anaemia and haemachromatosis nurse
Sarah Carter Stoma nurse



gastro team500x333.jpg

Inflamatory bowel disease team

ibd team_4289_500x333.jpg

Nutrition team

nutritian team_500x333.jpg

Alcohol team

alcohol team_resized_498x295.jpg

Nurse endoscopists

nurse endoscopists99x260.jpg

Endoscopy nurses

endoscopy nurses4300_500x333.jpg

Booking team

booking team4285_500x333.jpg



After you have been referred to the gastroenterology department you will be contacted by the booking team to arrange an outpatient appointment.

On arrival in the outpatients department you will be checked in by the reception staff. During your appointment, you will meet the clinc nurses, who will weigh you and provide you with any additional documentation you need for the clinic.

You will meet your consultant and there will may occasionally be a medical student present. 

Following your consultation, the administration tyeam will be in touch to arrange further appointments, if required. A letter will also be sent to your GP, informing them of the outcome of the consultation.