Specialty Elderly Rehabilitation, Long Term Conditions
Location First floor, Andover War Memorial Hospital
Contact Number 01264 835278 or 835201
Clinical Matron Cerys Stowe
Charge Nurse Olive Gibb
Visiting Hours Midday - 7pm

What we do

We are passionate about rehabilitation. Our aim is to improve the overall well-being and functional abilities of older adults, helping them maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life as they age.

When an elderly person is discharged from hospital following surgery, an illness, injury or serious medical event such as a stroke, it’s vital to ensure that they have the best follow up rehabilitation services in place, to aid their recovery and to give them the best possible quality of life. In many cases, a stay in an inpatient rehabilitation unit will give them the best chance of regaining their health, independence and quality of life, in a safe and properly equipped environment, until they are able to manage at home safely.

Useful information

We encourage our patients to get dressed everyday as you would do at home. Well fitting, comfortable and supportive footwear is essential.

All toiletries are required.

Snacks and drinks can be brought in, please check with the nurse that what you bring is suitable and safe.

All inpatient wards at Hampshire Hospitals have adopted John’s Campaign, which allows the carers of patients with dementia to stay in hospital with their loved ones if they wish.