Ophthalmology is part of the Head and Neck Business unit, which includes oral and maxillofacial surgery, ENT, audiology and orthodontics. Our ophthalmology department provides high quality eye care for patients in Hampshire, with outpatient clinics at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester and Andover War Memorial Hospital.

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What is the Shared Eye Care Scheme?

A new scheme to allow patients to have their intraocular pressure checked at a community optometrist.

Patients will be started on a new drop or have laser treatment (SLT) at the hospital. They will then book in with a community optometrist 6-7 weeks later to have their intraocular pressure checked. This information is sent back to the hospital, who will decide on the further management.

The scheme has been set up with collaboration from Hampshire Hospitals, the local clinical commissioning group (CCG), and the Local Optical Committee which represents local optometrists and opticians.

Why has the scheme been put in place?

There is significant pressure on hospital appointments due to the large numbers of patients with glaucoma, and furthermore from the recent effects of coronavirus and its implications on social distancing.

It is often easier for patients to visit a local optician than to return to the hospital. Community monitoring of low-risk glaucoma is likely to expand in the future, and we envisage this being the first step on further closer collaboration between the glaucoma service at Hampshire Hospitals and community opticians.

Comments, concerns, compliments and complaints

If you have any comments, concerns, compliments or complaints about your care, please let us know as soon as possible. Please speak to the nurse in charge so that we can help to resolve your concerns quickly.

Customer care team

If you would like to contact the customer care team, please tell your nurse. Alternatively you can visit them on B floor at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital or on the ground floor of Ashley Wing at Royal Hampshire County Hospital. You can also contact them via telephone on 01256 486766 or via email at customercare@hhft.nhs.uk.

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