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Ophthalmology clinical team

Trust main site Name Job title
Basingstoke Ms Varuni Gunasekera Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Mr Charles Sandy Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Mr Nish Srikantha Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Mr Luke Clifford Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Ms Linda Okafor Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Mr Kalman Hodosi Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke/Winchester Ms Alison Penwarden Consultant Ophthalmologist







Ophthalmology leadership team 

Trust main site Name Job title
Basingstoke/Winchester Genevieve Ryan Operational Service Manager
Basingstoke Mr David Morsman Consultant Ophthalmologist
Basingstoke Josephine Armando Ophthalmology Nurse
Basingstoke Melanie Bosworth Ophthalmology Nurse

The ophthalmology service is proud to have developed a nurse and orthoptist-led intravitreal eye injection service, which provides eye injections for patients with diabetic maculopathy. The service also has virtual diabetic clinics which have reduced waits in clinic for some patients who are eligible to come into hospital for their eye image scans and then receive a virtual consultant review.

Our department also regularly participates in audits such as the National Ophthalmology Database (NOD) audit, which benchmarks Trusts on their cataract services for the purposes of national audit, research and establishing meaningful measures for revalidation.

Our service configuration includes a dedicated Eye Day Case Unit (EDCU) at Basingstoke Hospital, a dedicated ophthalmic imaging technician, and the Wainwright eye ward area at Royal Hampshire County Hospital. There are also community eye services that support glaucoma referral refinement and minor eye conditions (MECs) being dealt with closer to home. Each of our consultants has a strong general ophthalmology background with sub-specialty interests in medical retina, glaucoma, uveitis, anterior segment, oculoplastics, and paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus.

Cataract surgery

Putting in eye drops - If you have been told to use eye drops, please watch this video for guidance on the right way to put in your eye drops.