The aim of research in the NHS is to improve your care and treatment from sound evidence, gained from well designed and ethically approved studies.  All treatments have, at some time, been the subject of research and every year thousands of people agree to become participants in research studies, contributing to these advances in healthcare. At HHFT we are a research-active trust, and the research staff are part of the clinical care team. This means that a member of our clinical trials team may ask you about participating in research. We also offer opportunities to take part in multi-centre research projects across many specialities, and support our clinicians to develop and lead their own research projects. 

How is the quality of research ensured?

We all have a right to expect high standards, to have confidence in, and benefit from quality research.  The Department of Health has set up guidelines to make sure that all research is run to the highest standards and this is the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research.  At HHFT the Research Department is responsible for ensuring that we meet these standards when conducting research.  Before any research study can start it must have regulatory approvals in place including review by an independent research ethics committee.  The Research Department have to ensure that all permissions have been granted before the study opens at this site, and that it is appropriate to conduct the research within our Trust.

For more information visit the National Institute for Health Research website.