Please note the waiting times shown on My Planned Care may vary at any given time. If you have any questions, please contact the details given on your appointment letter.

Name Job role
Dan Parr Operational services manager
Christine Phillips Speciality co-ordinator
Angela Twine Speciality administrator
Rowena Chape Speciality administrator 
Joane Leader Speciality administrator
Dr S Hunt Consultant dermatologist
Dr P Loukatou Consultant dermatologist
Dr S Muldoon Trust associate specialist
Dr N Bonikowski Speciality doctor
Dr S Platt Clinical assistant
Dr E Gibbons Link speciality doctor
Sarah Madden Skin cancer nurse specialist
Lisa-Jayne Farmer Dermatology nurse lead
Lauren Dean Dermatology nurse
Ellie Jones Dermatology nurse
Laura Richards Dermatology HCA
Annie Fifield Dermatology HCA
Melissa Lovell Dermatology HCA
Angela Hammond Dermatology HCA