We provide comprehensive services for those people with liver problems in Winchester, Basingstoke and Andover along with the surrounding areas. This includes:

•    Providing both in and out patient care 
•    The out patient service sees new referrals as well as following up those by either face to face or telephone appointments
•    Alcohol intervention team 5 days a week with links to community services
•    Our transplant clinic is linked with the King’s College Hospital’s transplant service
•    We are part of a pioneering Wessex community diabetes screening programme for liver disease
•    Active in audit and research
•    Local links with the HPB and interventional service to deliver the care of those with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
•    Dedicated nurse specialists on both the Winchester and Basingstoke sites


This Trust is part of the RCP Liver Accreditation services and we work closely with our liver surgery department, more information on the department can be found here.


Professor John Ramage

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Dr Harriet Gordon

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  • Hepatology nurses: Julie Charles (RHCH) and Charlotte Stocker (Basingstoke)
  • Alcohol Intervention Team: Laura McCleester, Victoria Rogers, Karen Penfold, Gemma Pateham, Sam Eagle

Management team

  • Mark Summers
  • Megan Dixon
  • Clinic co-ordinators

In-patient services include:

  • 24 hour 365 days a year gastrointestinal bleeding service

Out-patient services

  • Out-patient clinics in Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester, both face to face and by telephone
  • Transplant clinic
  • Nurse lead viral hepatitis clinics
  • We have clinics with the Haemophilia and HIV team to manage complex patients with viral hepatitis and non-viral liver disease in combination with HIV and/or haemophilia 
  • Liver biopsy
  • Venesection for those with iron overload ​​​​​​(hemochromatosis)
  • Paracentesis: draining fluid accumulated in the abdomen
  • Endoscopy services 
  • Fibroscan in out-patient
  • Liver tumour treatment with specialised surgery, radiology and oncology. More information can be found here: ​Liver cancer treatment
  1. Pelican Cancer care treatment information

Other services:

Specialist Multidisciplinary Teams meeting regularly (MDTs)


The Hampshire Hospitals Alcohol Intervention Team is led by Laura McCleester.  They facilitate screening for alcohol-related problems and support patients to cut down or stop drinking completely.  They work closely with Inclusion community services. For more information, visit their page here. 

Community diabetes screening service

This programme is the first in the UK to have screening for liver-related problems in diabetics taking place from GP surgeries.  Those found to be at risk will be referred to hospitals for further management

Transplant services

There is a Kings College Hospital satellite clinic with Dr Abid Suddle at Basingstoke hospital once a month. More information can be found on their website here.