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Outpatients appointments

For the safety of our patients, their families and our staff, all outpatient appointments are currently being conducted by phone unless there is a clear clinical need.

Attending an outpatient appointment during COVID-19

We know hospital visiting increases the risk of virus transmission: please help us to keep those important to you as safe as possible
When preparing to attend for an outpatient appointment at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we request you:

  • Only attend if you have received confirmation of your appointment, this will be by letter or phone.
  • Do not bring anyone with you unless this is essential i.e. a carer and let the consultants’ secretary know if you need to bring anyone for essential reasons.
  • Do not attend if you have symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste and smell) or if you are shielding. Please contact the consultant’s secretary or the main outpatients reception to tell us you will not be attending.
  • Do not arrive early. Report for your appointment 10 minutes before your appointment time. If you are worried about being late, wait in your car until 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • Comply with social distancing rules at all times.
  • Minimise the amount of personal belongings you bring with you into the hospital, for example: handbags, wallets, phones, jewellery, watches, wristbands should not be worn/ carried
  • Please note that the healthcare staff will be wearing different personal protective equipment (PPE) depending on the activity performed.

In order to control the virus and for the safety of all, you will be required to:


  • Wear a face mask which we will provide or your own face covering inside the hospital and for the duration of your attendance. Please use hand gel on entry. Our communal/catering areas remain closed.
  • Wash your hands and use the hand gel available at every entrance.
    • Please note that you may be turned away if you are not wearing a face mask/covering unless there are exceptional circumstances that you should raise prior to your appointment.
    • Avoid wearing gloves unless advised by a healthcare professional.
  • Socially distance at all times.
  • Dispose of your face mask upon leaving the main hospital building in the yellow bins supplied and disinfect your hands with gel, head directly home, do not visit others. Do no keep the face mask with you as you would increase the risk of spreading the virus.

It is strongly encouraged that all clothes you wear should to be washed separately when you arrive home at 60 degrees or higher.

Please speak to the consultants’ secretary for further information in regards to your appointment.


updated 24 July 2020

Patient Hub - manage your appointments online

We use the secure online portal Patient Hub, which allows you to confirm, rebook or cancel your hospital appointments online, using your smart phone or computer.

All you have to do is provide us with an up-to-date mobile phone number and/or email address.

Once we have one of these, you will automatically have access to the service. Rather than initially receiving appointment letters by post, you will be sent a text message providing you with a personalised link to a secure portal, where you can gain access to all of your letters.

Each time a new letter is added to the portal, you will receive a text message with a link to it. If this link is not used and the letter not accessed within 24 hours, a paper copy will be sent by post.

Giving you the opportunity to access their appointment letters online has benefits for both the Trust and our patients.

Paper appointment letters are easily mislaid, which sometimes leads to patients arriving for appointments at the wrong time or even missing their consultations. Having access to all of the information on your computer or even mobile phone will stop that happening and you could put an appointment in your online diary. You will also save the Trust money and reduce the amount of paper used.

Click here for more information about Patient Hub.

My Medical Record

My Medical Record is a system that gives you more opportunity to manage you own hospital care, allowing you to connect with clinicians and receive information online to reduce the need for hospital appointments.

It is a secure website providing you with access to your own online health record, containing information jointly managed and maintained by you and us.

The service has the potential to contain a complete summary of your medical history, enabling you to manage your healthcare from home. We have developed this free service because our research has shown that patients value the ability to have access to their hospital information online.

You can register using your email address and mobile phone number. Once registered, you can log in to view information sent to you by the hospital and record information about your condition. In some cases, it may also allow clinicians to carry out consultations either over the telephone or using webcam technology.

Click here for more information about My Medical Record

Appointment reminder service

Each missed outpatient appointment costs the NHS £160. Reasons for non-attendance include patients failing to alert the Trust when they no longer wish to attend or are unable to attend.  Another reason could be down to an appointment confirmation letter failing to reach patients or advance booking which could sometimes mean patients genuinely forgetting their appointment. 

Our appointment reminder system addresses all of these factors by reminding the patient of the date, time and location of their appointment. It also gives them the opportunity to cancel or rearrange their appointment if no longer required or inconvenient. This gives us the opportunity to offer the appointment to another patient, which in turn helps reduce the waiting times.

What does this mean for me?
You will receive an automated reminder call from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust seven days before your appointment. Please be aware that this will show as coming from the following number: 0300 772 9733

This automated call will indicate which hospital your appointment will take place at and will also offer you the opportunity to confirm, rebook or cancel your appointment. If you don't make a selection from one of the options that you hear, the service will try to reach you again over the course of the following days.

If a mobile telephone number has been provided, a text message reminder will be sent three days before your appointment.

Please be aware that if you have a smartphone, the text message may show on your home screen. If you are concerned about people seeing this message, you will need to adjust the options on your phone to stop the message flashing up.

Can I specify a preferred contact number?
As a matter of good practice, we would ask that you update us of any changes in your contact details. This will allow us to contact you in a timely manner. You can do this via your GP at time of referral, or speak to the clinic receptionist or admin team at the hospital. 

Do I need to register?
No. You will automatically receive reminders unless you have already told us you don’t wish to receive them. 

Will all clinics be included?
No. Patients for certain specialised clinics and where it might be required to have multiple appointments close together will not receive reminders.

How much will it cost?
Reminder calls and texts are provided to you free of charge.

How will my personal information be used? 
The provider of this service will not have access to any Trust systems. Therefore no previous medical history or reason for your appointment will be shared. All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. 

Can I opt out of this process?
Yes. You can opt out of receiving reminder calls and text messages. Just let us know when you book your appointment or when you are in the hospital. 

Why is the system not recognising when I press a digit?
There are two settings on landline phones, tone and pulse. For the system to recognise you are pressing the digits, your phone needs to be set to pulse.

Why am I not able to listen to the message that is left on my answer machine?
If you have a voicemail on your home phone or mobile device that has a voice message, the reminder system will interact by introducing the hospital reminder and then asking if you are the patient. It will then ask you to confirm by pressing a digit, if you do not interact, the message will not be left.

Will my appointment be cancelled when I select to cancel or rebook?
Following your reminder, if you select to cancel or rebook your appointment unless you speak with a member of the booking team, this appointment will not be cancelled.

Why am I still getting reminders for an appointment I have cancelled or rescheduled?
Unfortunately the system does not run in real time, so if you have cancelled or changed your appointment during the reminder stage, you may still receive a call or text.

Automated call reminders  are processed  between seven and five days before the appointment. Text reminders are processed three days before the appointment.

Can I just receive the text only service?
Not at the present time. We are updating the current service further and in future you will be able to choose how you wish to be contacted with your appointments.  This can be via email, text or letter.

Why has the system called me six times?
The number of the times the automated call reminder attempts to make a call is dependent on how many contact numbers we have for you. If we have two numbers, it will try each of them three times, seven days before your appointment, unless you answer and make a selection. A further two attempts will be made to each number the following day, with a further attempt made to each number five days before your appointment.

Once you have confirmed you are attending, rescheduling or cancelling then you will not receive any further attempts to remind you of your upcoming appointment.

Andover War Memorial Hospital outpatient information

Andover Outpatient Reception
01264 835216

The main outpatients department is located next to the Minor Injuries Unit and there is parking available very close to the entrance. A range of medical and surgical clinics take place in the department and many of the same consultants run clinics at both Winchester and Andover.

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital outpatients information

Medical booking team medical.bookingbnh@hhft.nhs.uk 01256 314061
Surgical booking team surgical.bookingbnh@hhft.nhs.uk 01256 314063
Head and neck booking team headandneck.bookingbnh@hhft.nhs.uk 01256 314062
Women's health booking team womenshealth.bookingbnh@hhft.nhs.uk 01256 314064

The main outpatients department is located near to the main hospital entrance.  However, if you have difficulty walking the short distance or require assistance to any part of the hospital, please let a member of the Outpatient Reception staff or the nearby Information Desk know and they will be able to assist you.


Royal Hampshire County Hospital outpatients information

Surgical booking team

SurgicalUnitOffice@hhft.nhs.uk or T. 01962 824142

Head and neck booking team

head&neck.services@hhft.nhs.uk or T. 01962 824143

Medicine Booking Team medical.BookingofficeRHCH@hhft.nhs.uk or T. 01962 824141


Winchester Outpatient Reception
01962 824762

The outpatient department is located on Level B, Burrell Wing. 

To access the department, please park in the main multi-storey car park and follow the signs to Burrell Wing.  Alternatively, if you have a disabled parking permit or are being dropped off by a friend or relative, please use Burrell Car Park as this is close to the department.

For information about other transport routes to the hospital please click here

Please contact the outpatient reception team if you have a concern about attending for your appointment. If you would like to cancel or re-book it, or have any clinical questions, please contact the relevant specialty's secretary. 


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